Main Sessions

AHIS Agenda

*Agenda is based on Eastern Daylight Time

Sept. 17th

  • Registration
    7:30a - 12:00p
  • Welcoming Remarks
    8:30a - 8:40a
    Speakers: Abdul Jazieh & Bill Barrett
  • Session 1: Promoting Innovation at a Regional Level
    8:40a - 10:00a
    Moderator: Bill Barrett
  • CincyTech Experience
    8:40a - 9:00a
    Speaker: Mike Venerable
  • Leveraging Regional Partnerships for Healthcare Innovation
    9:00a - 9:20a
    Speaker: Ashish Vaidya
  • Pursuing our Potential Together
    9:20a - 9:40a
    Speaker: Michael Fisher
  • Q&A Panel
    9:40a - 10:00a
  • Senator Rob Portman
    10:00a - 10:20a
  • Break, Networking, Exhibits and Poster viewing
    10:20a - 11:00am
  • Session 2: Regional Experience in Advancing Innovations
    Moderator: Tom Herzog & Mike Venerable
  • Vertical Farming, Data Science & the Future of Nutrition
    11:00a - 11:20a
    Speaker: Mike Zelkind
  • Novel Concepts in Oncology
    11:20a - 11:40a
    Speaker: Bill Barrett
  • Innovation: It's About Creative Collisions
    11:40a - 12:00p
    Speaker: David Adams
  • Q&A and Panel Discussion
    12:00p - 12:15p
  • Lunch Break
    12:15p - 1:00p
  • Session 3: Digital Health
    Moderator: Zisis Kozlakidis & Rosa Arriaga
  • Digital Health and the Community: Emotions, Microbiome, and Inflammatory Diseases
    1:00p - 1:20p
    Speaker: Alex Rodriguez
  • Digital Health: A Leadership Perspective
    1:20p - 1:40p
    Speaker: Bandar Knawy
  • Improving Research Participant Recruitment Performance
    1:40p - 2:00p
    Speaker: Dylan Steen
  • Real-World Evidence-Based Care
    2:00p - 2:20p
    Speaker: Uli Chettipally
  • Networking, Exhibits, and Poster Viewing
    2:30p - 3:30p
  • Session 4: Role of Precision Medicine in Reducing Healthcare Disparities
    Moderator: Alex Rodriquez
  • Multi-omics or the Evolution of Precision Medicine
    3:30p - 3:50p
    Speaker: John Marshall
  • Precision Medicine in Gynecologic Malignancies: Overcoming Health Disparities
    3:50p - 4:10p
    Speaker: Tom Herzog
  • Next Generation Imaging: Biomagnetism
    4:10p - 4:30p
    Speaker: Peeyush Shrivastava
  • Q&A and Panel Discussion
    4:30p - 4:45p
  • Adjourn

Sept. 18th

  • Welcoming Remarks
    8:30a - 8:40a
    Speakers: Abdul Jazieh & Tim Schroeder
  • Session 5: Pandemic Driven Innovations

    Moderator: Tim Schroeder
  • Innovations in research
    8:40a - 9:00a
    Speaker: Tim Schroeder
  • The Pandemic as a Transformative Experience for Innovation
    9:00a - 9:20a
    Speaker: Zisis Kozlakidis
  • Q&A and Panel Discussion
    9:40a - 10:00a
  • US Representative: Brad Wenstrup
    10:30a - 11:00a
  • Workshop: Protecting & Monetizing Innovations - Tools and Tips - Frost Brown Todd
    11:00a - 12:00p
  • Lunch Break
    12:00p - 1:00p
  • Session 7: Closing the Innovation Gap
    Moderators: Renee Mahaffey Harris & Annu Prabhakar
  • Role of Science for Social Change and Future of Healthcare
    1:00p - 1:30p
    Speaker: Gitanjali Rao
  • Innovation in Eliminating Health Disparities
    1:30p - 1:50p
    Speaker: James Powell
  • Scaling Innovation through Community Based Design
    1:50p - 2:10p
    Speaker: Rosa Arriaga
  • Q&A and Panel Discussion
    2:10p - 2:30p
  • Networking, Exhibits, and Poster Viewing
    2:30p - 3:30p
  • Session 8: Oral Presentation of Selected Abstracts
    Moderator: Abdul Jazieh
  • Virtual Reality for Postoperative Robotic Colorectal Patients
    3:30p - 3:40p
    Speaker: Lexi Tran
  • Implementation of a Rescue Pack for Self-Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    3:40p - 3:50p
    Speaker: Christopher Hanson
  • Innovation of an N95 Mask-Alternative during the COVID PPE Crisis
    3:50p - 4:00p
    Speaker: Cybil Sierra Stingl
  • Institutional Experience Mobilizing Innovation Teams Durring a PPE Crisis
    4:00p - 4:10p
    Speaker: Kyle Alexander
  • Pediatric Skeletal Muscle Index (SMI) norms for Sarcopenia Diagnosis using an Automatic Deep Learning Pipeline
    4:10p - 4:20p
    Speaker: Elanchezhian Somasundaram
  • Announcement of: Winners of Best Abstract Awards
    4:20p - 4:30p
  • Adjourn