Using Innovation to Reduce Healthcare Disparities

AHIS 2022 is a networking conference for all stakeholders in healthcare innovations.


Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit

AHIS 2022

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The summit provides a platform for participants to share experiences and knowledge about best practices of promoting innovations in healthcare. It promotes young innovators and researchers to share their ideas, findings, results of their latest innovative projects and interact with experts of all disciplines.

AHIS2022 theme: “Accelerating innovation for a better and equitable healthcare” This will be achieved by:

  • Learning innovative approaches to decrease disparities in healthcare

  • Educating young innovators and offering opportunities to showcase work, network, etc.

  • Highlighting the latest innovative projects, products and developments in healthcare.

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Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit

Target Audience:

All healthcare professionals, innovators, leaders, policy makers, investors, consumers, students and any individual or entity interested in the future of healthcare.

Innovation Theater:

Provides allotted time slots to upcoming innovative companies to present their latest projects. Highlights the “what’s next” in healthcare and presents collaborative efforts of existing companies working together to make positive changes towards decreasing disparities. 

August 26th - 27th, 2022
AHIS 2022 Venue:

AHIS2022 will be held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, the future hub for Global Healthcare Innovation. There is a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person. We will continue to work closely with the hotel for covid requirements, as the health and safety of our attendees, partners, exhibitors, speakers, and staff are of utmost importance to us. Join us as we collaborate to bring monumental changes that improve access to quality healthcare and reduce disparities. 

AHIS Chairmen

dr. jazieh

Dr. Abdul Jazieh

AHIS Chairman

Dr. Abdul Rahman Jazieh


Director of Innovation & Research Cincinnati Cancer Advisors

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William L Barrett

Dr. William Barrett

Co-Director, UC Cancer Center

Dr. William L. Barrett

Director, UC Cancer Institute Medical Director, UC Barrett Cancer Center, Charles M. Barrett, MD Endowed Chair and Professor

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Scientific Committee

Dr. Thomas Herzog

Dr. Thomas Herzog

Deputy Director, UC Cancer Center

Dr. Thomas Herzog

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Deputy Director, University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute

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Tim Schroeder

CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

Tim Schroeder

CEO & Founder of CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

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Dr. Zisis Kozlakidis

Dr. Zisis Kozlakidis

WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer

Dr. Zisis Kozlakidis

Group Head of
Laboratory Services and Biobank Group for WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer

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